Good news here

I cleaned my place up probably fully 100 percent for the systems i have in place. It is not superficially totally clean but the systems 100 percent clean. You know now i can picke fruit so much better because all the systems around me are really thought out and good i think a russian would understand this i respect the slavic peoples


That’s really great. I’m glad you have your system all good and clean and everything. It feels good to get stuff done. I love it when I get the kitchen clean or the laundry done and all put away, feels great. Good job.

In these confusing times we must up the ante. Take care everyone.

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Great to hear I just bought 250 different things for the kids baseball hall yesterday. Cheap but you resolve to make sure that stuff is good. I’ve seen these forums before by the way. I know the kinds that frequent it I think what countries you guys are from, so solely focused on replicating that. So happy for you moki_woki.

Use the internet for good things. Someone who thought of the internet solely as a form of aggression and battle shuld be shunned

250 thats heaps oh and im sure you got so many of the good ones for the place :slightly_smiling_face:

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Its real interesting. I’m learning stuff as I go along. I got just as much socks as anything else. I guess I’m being foxyproxy after all with my money. It must be funny for ‘him’ to watch me and see a simple mom go through the same steps and go further than him the past baseball club head.

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