Another day at work

I’m gonna ignore any comments about me or directed towards me. I’m not a “psycho” because one day I got overwhelmed and cried at my desk.


ok it is much harder said than done and it’s really irratating.

Hi Ish, sorry to bother you but I need more signatures so you can get one of these for now… @far_cry0 you too!! Arhat noises!!

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image Also a little gift to Democrats from my hometown like Obama…

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hi tukey how are you … i have joined medittion class a week ago…i feel good now…

i hope ton work one day…

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My definition of psycho is going to a desk job everyday and not crying…

You should tell them they haven’t seen “psycho” yet lol. Sorry just a little schiz humor.

Honestly, crying is healthy. I’m sorry you had something happen that made you cry. I’m also sorry you didn’t receive the support that you should have HUGS


Hey @anon80629714. I’ve seen many a person come unstuck who don’t have to deal with mi. I went psychotic slowly in a business of 300 people. I was horribly embarassed but went back for a while. I found out that most people didn’t even notice. Far too involved in their own lives and the others were more supportive than before. I’m sure you can return to a more normal state with your coworkers.


Someone has got to stop me from hurting people, but in the case I get time stamped with the yin yang symbol I’d have to prepare booby traps for my own safety and then share ancient knowledge about Haleakala. Someone needs to permanently ban me from here so I don’t get the urge to turn ice blue. And if I didn’t have that knowledge I would apply to work for Kylo REN. Also I know parcel tongue.

And I guess if I don’t know parcel tongue or any of that ■■■■, I’ll go ahead and reveal that yin yang can be a source of power, not just a slave driving tool. It is definitely a bad thing to have but if you play your cards right, you can still win. What’s the next move going to be? Yeah, if your next move is to enslave me further I’ll go ahead and reveal that you just picked up my death card. Never underestimate booby traps.

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