Gold standard

Let’s go back to a gold standard (where moneys value is tied to golds weight or some other intrinsic value of a physical material like gold) or no way in any way can we do that!

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I personally wished that energy production became the leverage for what backs a currency.

Atm a dollar is backed up by faith in the their economy and knowhow to manage their markets influence. Basically meaning. Politics aside. Everywhere using dollars is safe because they produce a lot (this was how the dollar became powerful, after wards it was adopted as reserve because nothing immobile was comparable) whereas energy production is a utility for every country that can act as a reserve material of value of object to peg their currency to. Just like water access could have been if it werent for landlocked lands geographically.

(Please avoid politics, i like the discussions you guys have on these topics when its not against the rules so im excited to see what you think about our current financial system)

Economics is an arbitrary system for how we connect as humans. Yeah it works how it’s developed but it doesn’t mean it’s the most efficient or the best system. My point is simply that we need other ways of dealing with wealth and keeping the economy going.

We are advanced enough as a society that there shouldn’t be people starving nor dealing with being poor. It’s ludicrous and it’s a dream that is sold by the economist. The market is no way nor ever to be free for example. That is my opinion but will see this getting political in a hurry .

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It’s okay, we can close the thread because I don’t think we have an interest in it enough to keep it from getting policy based, i was angling this more from an maths perspective. so it shouldn’t break the rules as a topic but it requires maths to answer it. :cry: