Going to take the Mensa IQ test next month

its finally in my city!

it can be skewed it you’ve done previous IQ tests, it won’t be a true reflection.

the tests are different but i get your point

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but @Crystal-Cotton you are very intelligent, why the hang ups about your intelligence. You should believe in yourself.

i think my real IQ is closer to 70 than 100

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I don’t think so.

why dont you think so?

The way you write and conduct yourself. And English isn’t your first language?

My writing is ■■■■ honestly

No it isn’t. Its pretty good.

You don’t seem low IQ either

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why do you think you have a low IQ @Crystal-Cotton?

I suck at school

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in the long run school means nothing. Are you in special needs classes?

I used to be but high schools in Finland don’t have those

you should believe in yourself, Teenage years can be very turbulent but you will grow as a person.

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I think I’m a lost cause

100% you’re not!!!

There can be several reasons why it’s hard to believe in yourself. I don’t know what @Crystal-Cotton are. In my case it’s the effect of severe verbal bullying as a teenager. Added to that is ‘imposter syndrome’

Practice effect can and does occur, but it won’t get a person who’s nowhere near Mensa level into Mensa.

@firemonkey I can’t even concentrate on simple IQ tests.