Going throuhg my medical records-Stupid people >.<

So I was going through my medical records, don’t worry I wont share anything too personal I know better than that…

On the treatment I received when I first stopped taking my meds two years after my first diagnosis, when they registered me as non compliant the woman who took down my info checked off my condition off a list the list goes as follows

Depressive-non suicidal

She checked me as Psychotic-Aggressive, instead of Depressive-suicidal…so the way they treated was as if I was dangerous, because ONE person couldn’t pay attention…

Further in in my records at the hospital, the doc refers to me by first name accurately only twice, the rest of the time he is talking about someone with the same last name, but not the first. This other person, was obviously worse off than me, since I received their treatment for ‘psycho-sexual tendencies’.

wonderful to know that people pay attention to their work when lives are literally on the line. Trying to be up beat about this, hard but if I dwell I will fall…

I have never been in a work environment where everyone was functional, mature and competent, and everyone was fair, ethical and honest at all times, or even in which customers and/or contractors were never screwed over, knowingly by staff. I don’t imagine that in a medical setting, humans suddenly transform into something better. Always have to check on these things when you’re able, there will always be some bad apples and crazy bananas in every bunch of fruit.

It’s shoddy work but it’s more common than you may think. Hundreds of people die each year due to doctors mistakes.