Going through a tough time, so I made a darker beat

Hey all, back from vacation and had a major episode so Im kinda down. Made this beat to reflect how I feel. Let me know what you think, and as always if anyone wants to rap over this hit me up.


Did you have an episode while on vacation? What happened?

Yes, I thought people were watching me again. I could swear that I am on the internet somewhere being recorded by people to use against me somehow. I saw some lady pull out her phone and point it at me as if to take a video and Ive had multiple people stare,point and laugh at me the whole way through. I convinced myself it was just delusion until I heard a conversation by a couple behind me talking about how weird I am and how theye seen me on the internet. Could be the voices playing tricks but its all so convincing.

Sorry, shouldve made a rant thread but I like to do things in the context of music, even if it isnt very good. I can feel myself deteriorating too, like I feel I’m getting worse at guitar and beatmaking but I try to practice anyway

The should use that in a movie about a schizophrenic. Really that music describes sz.

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It’s good you keep up practice! I’m so sorry you are struggling this much! It’s terrible! No one is watching you on the internet.

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Sick beat bro! youre really progressing imho. I love the pitch bend on the 808’s. My advice would be, on drums: turn them up! That way that kick drum really kciks through. Great job bro! Into was super live too

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@zwolfgang nice beat ! What program do you use? Fruity Loops?

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@Loke Thanks! Im glad you think so, Im really deep in it right now and I wanted to capture that

@FlyingPurplePeopleMeeter I appreciate the support, I want to believe you but its still tough

@anon92887483 Thanks man! That means a lot, I really feel stuck sometimes. I actually have the drums up pretty high and I was wondering how to get the drums to sound clear without it clipping, do you think sidechaining would help? Also how you doing man, the job hunt going ok?

@DNA Thanks dude! Yessir yessir FL studio it is


Hey thanks a lot bro! Job hunt is going okay. lemme listen again

One trick you can use is to layer kick drums, i dont know if sidechaining will help.

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Thanks bro! Didnt think to do that. Im also gonna try using a compressor on there I read that that helps

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Yeah this beat shows a lot of potential:). I think you’re very capable and you should continue to work on it. The beginning was all raw. But yeah I’d wanna hear more of the drums and less of that eery noise (although awesome, just I think the levels might be off on certain instruments). Keep it up. I know I hate redoing songs. I’d rather do the next one with the new advice then go back and fix the last one.

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Thanks man! Yeah mixing is not one of my strengths. Your advice just made me relize that even though I cant turn the drums up much more I can definitely turn down everything else instead lol Im gonna do that.

Im not a huge fan of going back and redoing stuff either but sometimes I figure its best to give tracks extra attention every once in a while

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