Goals for the day

What are your goals for today? How far are you from completing them. I’m slowley finishing my routine goals.

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Hm… here, today is almost finished. I was really tired, didn’t sleep well, so my goal was to wake up in time and go to work and not crash there. I succeeded, but now I crashed. And I still promised to call someone.

Tomorrow, my goal is to visit friends and buy new shoes with/for my son.

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My goal is to get out of this bad mood I’m in. Oh and make some soup or something so the guys have something to eat for dinner. I guess I should go work on the dishes too. Hummpfh


Sounds rough, I hope you muster up energy to finish the day strong.

Why are you in a bad mood if you don’t mind me asking.

Tidying ma room

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Learning about computer science 101. It’s very basic I suppose. I need to build momentum and gain confidence. I feel like if the task is too hard or daunting, I won’t attempt it and I’ll just give up or do nothing.

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You know its always good to learn the basics, so when something complicated pops up you have an understanding of what to do.

I went got my shot, then to work for a bit and thats all I’m doing today

Trying not to lose my mind
At least I got groceries done

You know I simply woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

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Just got up. Have a coffee - this goal is always easily achieved. Next goal would be helping take all the stuff to the tip - i’m determined to help out on this one, no matter how unmotivated i feel. Then buy a paper shredder.

I took my 82yr old mom to her Dr’s appt at 730AM for a stress test, which took 4 hours.
No breakfast, no coffee before the test, and she had been awake since 3AM, no bueno mama.

Ah, yeah, I’m just not a morning person,
But, my goal has been met, now it’s
R-e-l-a-x time. :smile_cat:

My goal is too do some yoga wen my mum goes out. Read for a hour as well

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