Setting Goals

I read somewhere setting long term goals, or recalling long term goals when you’re feeling depressed is a good idea. What does everyone here think?

My long term goal is to travel and see the beautiful natural world. See the mountains, the beaches, the oceans. Also I have a long term goal to become a published writer before I die. Does anyone else here have any long term goals?


I would agree that it’s helpful to have certain things that you’d like to accomplish in the long run, even when our chances of accomplishing these things in the short run might not be so good. Having these long-term goals can definitely help keep us going when things get rough and things seem bleak.

Some of my long-term goals:

  • Rejoining the workforce
  • Living independently (when the time is right)
  • Along the lines of what you wrote, doing some writing, possibly for publication

I think goals give you a reason to live. They give you hope for the future. It is my goal to finish school and get a job as a programmer, and part of that is to keep my GPA high. My other goal is to get married and have kids. I also hope to work as an intern next summer after I’ve had some more programming classes, in fact I’ve already had an offer. :sunny:


I would like to be a monk actually.

And like you said see the mountains and things like that.

Writing would be good as well, i would like to write about my experiences having to do with my problem.


Yeay, proud of myself for a brief moment in time. I just finished reading 11/23/63 by Stephen King. Considering its like 880 pages long I’m quite proud of this accomplishment. Not the first Stephen King novels I’ve read but one of the longest I believe.


congratulations to you for completed reading of a 880 pages book, sohare1981. It’s so hard for us to finish reading a big book like this because most of us suffer from a concentration problem.

To work until retiring age. To live in my apartment for the rest of my life. To get my degree. To make a friend, female or male.
To lose 25 more pounds and keep it off. To get a fairly new car in a couple more years. To stay clean and sober.

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to write a book whether it gets published or not. to write and record an album, just for me, whether it gets sold or not. these r small goals i can do over time, at home, on my own, for my own enjoyment.

Definitely want to travel.
want to achieve my degree
maybe meet someone
loose weight

u know looking through these posts, all the things listed r big goals and right now, i’d just like to b able to function correctly. keep my house clean and put food on the table each night instead of relying on take out. my kids deserve that and i deserve that too.

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My goals are fairly simple. I’m sort of reassessing them. I guess right now, I’m sort of in Goal limbo.

I do want to keep functioning on the level I’m at, or better if I can. I do want to help my family heal and get better as well.

I really want to finish my degree in something, now that I’m started and getting the hang of this.

Some of the goal’s I used to strive for I achieved. I was reading an old journal and came across this long wish of staying out of hospital for a full year. At one point in my life, staying out of hospital was my one goal.

I didn’t really have the goal of starting a business, but now that I see the idea, I would love to have that chance.

I didn’t have the goal of getting a girlfriend, but now that I do have a relationship in the making, I would like this relationship to last.

I think I was a bit off on my page count, Amazon says 880, but other sites say more like 840. Still either way it was a large book. Took me several months to finish reading,

To be able to live independently until I die. To finish some book projects I’ve started. I have a few books I want to read that might change how I do things. To live till they find the right meds - or something else - for me. This has been my goal for a long time.

Yes, make sure you have things in the short term to look forward to and long term. That has really helped me from getting depressed. We are going camping next month. It has really kept my spirits up thinking about it. I can’t wait. I want to write a book too :slight_smile: Not sure what it is going to be, but it will be funny.

I have found that tactic to be extremely helpful. It seems to lessen my depression when I even set short term goals and follow through. Getting up in the morning, writing lists of chores and errands and following through makes me feel better. Long term goals that are feasible or possibly feasible help too.

My long term goal is to earn an associate in science degree at a community college, learn chemistry and go all the way in psychology.

My daydream is to become a psychologist, have a PhD, and incorporate alternatives other than meds to clients.

But for now, possibly struggle in the fall with algebra, and hopefully ace basic psychology.

I’d look in your area for a tutor in math. I had a hard time with algebra in school, at first I went to one of the other local schools an for a fee one of the students got me through the first math class. I learned latter that the University I went to offered local free tutoring which got me through the second class.

Wow, jayne, that’s a shame about the takeout. There are so many simple recipes online for main courses that only use three or four ingredients and a couple pots or pans. And here in the states we have grocery stores that deliver food. It seems there are an infinite number of recipes online.

Or - to feed the birds, walk in the wintertime. To take photos. To stand out under the moon. To read.

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i have a goal of making real friendship relationships with people. I never had a true friend.

I also have a goal of improving my functioning level and to educate myself as much as possible.


i don’t get take out all the time but more than i should definitely. my daughter cooks for herself but my son doesn’t. apart from a roast, cottage pie or spag bol or dauphinoise spuds, if it doesnt come out of a packet, he won’t eat it. he’s getting a little better but it’s very hard to think of things he’ll eat that r freshly made and it irks me. so some of the time i give up and get take out. xxx