"Glass"(written by me in 2014...enjoy)

There is no end
No meaning
At all
In the blink
Of an eye
I was broken
Shattered into a
Million pieces
Never again
Will I ever
Be the same
Parts of myself
Gone missing
I must be
Nobody knows
What it’s like
To be in the dark
To feel lost
And alone
Deep inside
I wonder
When this will
Ever end
But I will
Hang on
Hold on tight
And continue
With life
The best I can
My journey continues
I am not alone
There is no end


That’s right man your not alone there are millions of people going through this. You can pull yourself back together it just takes time and sobriety. Medications will at least prevent you from getting worse. My theory is that you must find a state of mind that prevents the voices from having interest in you and live in it. Gotta be a little proud of yourself for surviving at least and have hope that you’ll eventually come out of it. It’s a unique journey of the soul.

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You are not the only one that approaches soul and glass themes! Xia Xiaowan uses a coloured pencil on glass frames that are lined up to look like one final art piece.


I can say Elie Wiesel has an idea about what your poem stands for. Your experiences are not the same of course, but your poem stands for potential coming forth from that which shatters.