A poem. That is all. Untitled

You hold the hammer tight
I can feel with dreaded anticipation
Crashing deep into my chest
My glass soul
Crumbling into a million
Shards of pain
I came for answers
Like you were a guru
Or a god
Pleading with you
To hear with my thoughts
My face
Where my tongue
Couldn’t move
In the right direction
Mumbling in frustration
Your eyes
I don’t know if they
Carry sympathy
Or hold back scorn.
I fall silent and walk away
The Never ending journey
Of desiring to be heard
I walk out the door
Suitcase propelling me forward
I won’t return
I know now that
There is nothing more to do
My heart is complacent
But my soul burns
The shards of glass
Beginning to gather
And form
With each piece into a picture
They don’t need to understand
I will walk this journey
On my own.


A great work.


I bet you someday you will make a human connection with somebody. You won’t be in it alone forever.

Everybody loves somebody sometime… An old song.


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