Glad I'm not on guys really struggle on those

Yes not too many side effects compared to AP or SSRI, but, can get dependent on it

My doc just said they could be habit forming.

I know all about withdrawal, if you react poorly to a depot you’re in for a time. I don’t talk about it here anymore because I don’t want to badmouth a medication method that works wonders for some, but dang it was not the right way for me, and it took like 9 months for symptoms to go away…

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@keylow @Gamera

I use the following supplements

Beta Alanine (the best for me but others here didn’t think it worked for them)

Broccoli sprout extract


How many mg of l-theanine you take? Thx

I take 300-600mg a day. You can take up to 1200mg a day. Not all brands are good. I used to take 1200mg a day until I started taking broccoli sprout extract, then I didn’t need to take as much.

This is the best brand I’ve found

It’s expensive though.

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Benzos are like sugar pills for me. I always hear how great it is, but for me does absolutely nothing at all.

Can you post the link of the Beta Alanine supplement you use

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I take 2 capsules and it chills me out for about 9 hours.


How much beta alanine do you use? Does it make you feel tingly?

ETA: Oops, I see you already answered this.

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It can give some people pins and needles but it didn’t give them to me.

Start with one capsule and see how you get on.

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Thanks! I have a bottle, but the first time I took them I had pins and needles from head to toe. It was intense! I think it was 3 capsules, so maybe I’ll give it another go with just the one.

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You used weed for years. It’s not really that different.

Weed slowed my racing thoughts down but did nothing for things like my anxiety.

Benzos really did help in the short term but I needed other avenues to get over them because they are addictive… Isn’t that weed too for someone like you?

We all fight things like addiction when it comes to brain chemistry. It’s good you didn’t have to rely on them but be kind. I’d suggest you were just using a different drug to do that same thing!

I always have the old 10mg blueys from time to time. But its only the 4 or 5 pills.

Im not quite sure of the impulsivity i get on them. Ive seen too many youtube videos on street valium lol.

I only end up doing the 1 or 2. Bloody great for the anxiety. But im sort of scared of the addictive properties.

I recently changed from taking my xanax during the day to taking it at night. I didn’t miss the day time dose at all.

I’m in the process of weaning of. I’m used to taking two oxapax daily, but with the help of valerian root and lemon balm (as herbal tea) i have been able to make a day without.

These herbs are old “folk medicine” and Valerian root is on the doping list, a good sign that it actually works.

This is the second post where you’ve mentioned you’re so happy you’re not on benzos.

It’s fine for you to feel that way, however,

I take issue with the way you’re saying it.

That may be your opinion and is completely valid.

But, I don’t come on here and am like,

“I’m glad I’m not on Invega, I’ve never seen it work long term for a single person”.

People that are on Invega would be upset.

I don’t know.

Just feels a little inappropriate to call an entire class of drugs out when you know a lot of us have to be on them.


I’m tapering my Benzo.

I’m down from 5 mg of Tranxene a day to 2 mg.

Want to go down to 1 mg in a couple of weeks.

I got off benzos early this year. My last step down was 2 mg Valium. I don’t think they were helping. I have mild anxiety today. The worst panic attacks were while hospitalized. I had to hold it together when I wanted to go berserk. My doctor’s didn’t notice.

Any other medications you’re glad your not on? Or things others struggle with you’d like to point out?

@Charles_Foster I am sorry…I didn’t mean to make anyone mad…I just think that benzos are bad because a lot of you depend on them for anxiety…and by depend I mean addicted…doesn’t seem like a good fix to me is all…