Giving up on sex and romance for the sake of my health, um TRIGGER?

One reason being, every time I consider a romantic or sexual relationship, I get triggered into binge eating.


I don’t think therapy will fix this.

So yea.

Back to being single for life.


Me too, single the rest of my life.

In my case i’m to much of loner, i need time for myself, even i miss romance in my life.

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I don’t think you need the trigger warning on this topic. I don’t have much desire for a sexual relationship either. I sometimes do regret not having kids though.


I was married to a borderline sociopath for 7 years.

It nearly killed me.

No more relationships or marriage for me.

Besides, because of my mental illness and my empathetic nature, I tend to attract Narcissistic types who feel I’m easy prey.

No, never again.


I gave up on relationships years ago, I’m just no good at it

Who knows? You might change your mind if the right person comes along. I myself am in a wonderful relationship. Been together for nearly 2 years now. Met in the mental hospital haha.


“Sensuality is just animal,biological. It can be beautiful if it is part of a deeper love, but if its not part of a deeper love it is the most ugly thing possible; the ugliest”


I believe therapy will alleviate your ‘yo-yo’ dieting.

As for romance, you should not seal yourself off from it.

(You DO NOT wanna be one of these ‘older men sitting at the bar, staring into [their] drink’.)


But I’ve really enjoyed your prolific postings and hope you don’t throw time away in your personal life!

I’m guilty of being romantic, especially in the universal, or other, lesser known definition of the word.

(Even when I was in the most anguish and churning out blog posts, it had a ‘circular’ type aspect to each entry.)

I hope your family can help you too. Do you ever engage in ‘bigger’ type talk with them?

There is benefits in being single and also benefits in the right relationship

I am believing in fate and destiny if it happens

I do think therapy can help it.
You’re constantly worrying that you’re not good enough, and I’m guessing the stress is what triggers the binging.

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Maybe this old educational video for young ladies will help.

Lol I changed my mind. My friend is like you change your mind every day.

Basically I’m still open to a relationship but the time to be open for it is not any time soon.

@Raelyn_Fenn Do you have a therapist that you can discuss things with? I think you could really benefit from therapy to help work through some of these issues.

Moonbeam, Unfortunately I don’t. But next time I see my mental health nurse I will ask him about this.

Yes I do think therapy could help now.

I mean if comments on an online public forum help me then surely a professional in the field could maybe also help me

Yea I think you’re right Miika. Can’t guarantee therapy will help though it is likely if I open up enough and make effort.

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