Daughter update

Saturday I didn’t see my daughter like I was suppose to… In fact the adoptive mother stopped all communication with me… I will probably never see my daughter until she turns 18… I’m okay with that


Oh I’m sorry @Twialine

Was it a closed adoption or open? I really don’t know what your rights are

Can you speak with a lawyer about it?

@Loke closed
@Wave no, and I really don’t wanna

Ok. So if it’s closed you probably don’t have a lot of rights. I’m not a lawyer though.

@Loke it was an agreement between the adoptive mother and I that I would get to see her at times and get updates… Once again I’m good with it

I’m glad you’re ok with this and not completely devastated.

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@ZmaGal me too! I talked to my therapist today and she understood a lot

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@ZmaGal I feel like maybe I can stop beating myself up over it


For sure! Don’t beat yourself up over it.


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