Get up to $30 a month discounted off your internet service bill

Up to $30 a month off your current bill if you qualify. You have to do a little reading though:


Thanks. I read the article but am too lazy to look further into at the moment. Definitely something I will consider applying for in the future.

No, idea if I would qualify.

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It’s fairly easy and straightforward to apply if you get around to it. You can fill in a paper application or an online application.

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They have a list of programs that let you qualify. I qualify through medicaid. You can also qualify through your income.

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It was kinda a hassle getting it but I finally qualified and got a $30 credit. My gross income is $2,001.50 a month. I don’t have Medicaid or HUD housing and qualified on income

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Yeah, that’s the thing. I think my snap benefits ended so I would probably have to go by income. Might take a bit to figure out. I will though. Just dont feel like it right atm.

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They started a program here last year, the pandemic Broadband Benefit program, and it gives you a credit of up to $70/month for people with low income. It’s been wonderful being able to finally watch things like Netflix or Hulu without having to pay for the internet.

Yeah, this current program used to be called the Emergency Broadband Benefit program or EBB. They changed it at the end of the year last year to the ACP. I know that when it was the EBB it gave more than $30 off. It might be the same thing.

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