Affordable connectivity program?

If you are poor in the USA you can get free internet. It’s called the ACP or affordable connectivity program but if you have a free phone through the government you can’t get it. Did you all know about this?


Yes I qualified for it but MetroPCS won’t f****** put it through. That reminds me

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You don’t get free internet here with that. You get $30 off the bill.


Unless your native
Households who qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and are located on qualifying Tribal lands can receive: Up to a $75/month discount on your internet service,

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I get 30$ off $100 with ACP

Yes i get free cell phone service through it

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Yes, it gives you $30 a month. IDK how I did it but I signed up for the ACP and now I get free Internet with AT&T. Those free phones were crap, it gave me nothing but trouble. Now I went to the other extreme and I got a $900 iPhone where I barely use 1/5 of the functions on it.

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I go with q link wireless for my free service. They have where u can just get the sim card and put it in any phone so i bought a used iphone and put the sim card in it. Its been great for me


I get free internet and phone with acp. You can choose a bigger plan and receive 30 off but I just use the 30 dollar plan so I get it free.

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In Trinidad the differently abled can get one time $600 towards a new smartphone.

Its the best program ever. In ER situations where I dont have wifi I can use my phone as a hotspot. So essentially its both. I use the free phone service. Its unlimited talk and text.

The rule is you cant have both ACP discount phone service and ACP discount internet service. You can only use one of their services. I use the phone service.

I get the $30 off too and I have a lot of income.

I receive both free internet (a $75 plan) and a discount Lifeline phone that is about $7 per month. But I’m also considered a “rural” customer here in Alaska, so I don’t know if that’s why I get both. I don’t really use the phone much, since my mom has me on her Verizon plan, but I got the phone cuz my mom won’t live forever and I won’t continue with Verizon when she dies cuz it’s too expensive.

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