General confusing families

So my dad is a narcissist just got off the phone with him he got angry and said well if you let me finish at one point. Maybe I should have put the phone down then I don’t know.
Anyway a conversation with my dad is you shutting down and listening.
Normal conversation goes you talk then you listen the listen part is a missing chip.
So I know where I am with that. Just have to protect myself and let him know when he has broken a boundry.
But they say I am mad because I have schizophrenia
But I just got back from a holiday with my oldest and youngest sister. Me and my younger sister get on well always have but my older sister is very hard to understand she wasn’t ok for a few days then on the last night we got into an argument and I got angry and stormed out then she went to dinner on her own without us when she came back she came into my room said are you alright and then she physically jumped on me and started patting my hair and pushing me.
I told her to get off then she cried and went onto the floor screaming in the phetus position.
My sister thought someone was killing someone an opened the door and asked her what she was doing.
Me and youngest sister where sitting there in shock
Then youngest sister went into oldest sisters room and there was no noise when she walked in but then she started rocking back and forth and making noises again.
Youngest sisters thoughts she is pretending to have autism. Sometimes I’m left wondering if we are the scapegoats for a insane family and perhaps we really are the strongest.

Yes, they say we are angry because we have MI.
And all of their anger is 100% justified.

I’m sorry about your older sister’s difficult time. (Why would anyone fake that?)

When I was a kid she used to fake having fits on the school bus,
It’s like me and my sister really want her to be happy but there’s nothing we can do.