Gambling addiction progressively getting worst

I think I picked up a microtransaction or even gambling addiction.Used to spend 3K in a year,now in 3month I have spent 4K :frowning:

I haven’t went to a psychiatrist appointment for 2 year


Yeah, spending that much money on such a thing, sounds like an addiction to me. I usually spend less than that in 3 months on rent, food, item purchases and everything else.

I would say that you need to seek counseling for this before you find yourself in serious financial trouble. Obvious advice, but maybe you need to hear someone say it.

Seek some help. Gamblers anonymous is free.


Oh, I see from your profile that you are in another country that may not have gamblers anonymous. Do you have some such similar program?

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What gambling game you playing? Or is it “in game purchases”

An internet search says that online access to Gamblers anonymous is possible in your country.

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I overcame my Gambling addiction, they are other thrills in life than loosing all your money.


I was playing the scratch off lottery for a while, and I was starting to get addicted to it. I realized I could very easily become addicted to gambling, and now I stay away from it.

I have gambling trouble too. I think I get a bit of a rush when I do it, imagining the best possible item I can get.

I used to gamble a lot. My money is very tight from month to month now so I can’t afford to without sacrificing rent, food, or other essentials. Gambling has definitely cut out my savings though :worried:

So far I’ve avoided gamblers anonymous. But I am an addict too: Poker

You are not on abilify are you??

Maybe get a blocker software and block pages that you use for gamble as you go along. But you need to get it straight in your mind that you want to quit. The house always wins in the end, that’s why they call it gambling problems.

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