Funny thread

I am afraid of flies……my friend died from a fly running into him.

I am afraid of dying from a toothpick.

I saw a movie…… and two men got in fight and the one with a bigger toothpick won.

I saw a movie about a dog graduating from medical school.


Man, I don’t know where I am……am I on the computer, am I on a website?

Oh it took awhile….now I know where I am. I think

I went to school and it was a waste. I forgot everything.


Its ok @Jake i forgot everything from school too

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Now what is 1plus 1……ahhh man I forgot.

Doggie Bowser, MD.


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I don’t know what to say…… bark bark bark.

I want to change my avatar to zipcode.

i m am afraid of flies too, when crazy movie dies them

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