Funny Thing 5/20/16



I’ma house manager…:grinning:

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Eh…this is not the right outfit and certainly not the Desperate housewifes scenario I had in mind. :relieved:

What about a Disney Princess Scenario?


Good one :smile:
I could be the one that complains about her husband’s foot fetish.

I know some guys with a foot fetish, I could make that happen real quick.

Lol no thanks
waiting for @Patrick’s input on this one

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I’m not a feet guy. I like women’s bums and noses.

First time I bought a porn mag I was so embarrassed. I didn’t even look at what was on offer. I just grabbed the first one I saw. Turns out it was for foot fetishises - didn’t do anything for me.


That is very…poetic.

I like big guys. :flushed:
Not necessarily muscular…also not obese…just big. :relieved:

Shrek mayhaps?

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I don’t want to sound racist but I’m not really into green skin type…otherwise he’s fine :))

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