Frustrating family. Trans issues in the deep south

My cousin is 13 and is trans.

He was on puberty blockers but his mother took him off of them and sent him to wilderness camp.

If you’re not familiar, wilderness camp is a waking nightmare for the children involved.

They kidnap you from your home, take you to the woods where you live out of tents for months on end.

(My friend used to be a teacher at a wilderness camp)

During this he was not allowed to take the puberty blockers and has now started a period.

He’s devasted and his mother is doubling down on changing him by making him go to the same high school I did.

It’s a trashcan.

They’re not allowing him to use his name, birth name only.

This high school is in the rural deep south.

I’m honestly scared for him.

When I was there 20 years ago we had exactly two out gay people and I feel they were in constant danger.

I’m sure they felt the same.

This mother has like soooo much money and could easily move to a better area for her son.

Or put him in the boarding school across town.

My sister is trying to help the situation by talking to the mother, but she won’t see the light.

It’s frustrating and makes me wish I could do something about it,

But you can’t tell people how to raise their own children.


It’s sad that some people still won’t let people be who they want to be.


I feel so bad for him. That’s just awful.


I hope he’ll make it through this. It’s so scary to be trans in this country and without support it feels like a neverending nightmare


I feel really bad for your cousin. And his mom sounds like a real shitstick. I’ll never understand people who opress others in the name of their “wolesome values.”

What a load of ■■■■.