From wence ye left...?

can you find in you to post were all you having lived in your life time, me I started in a farm in ks near kismont, moved to Hutchinson ks, Derby ks malvane ks, milan mo. phanix AZ , Hutchinson again, Fairbanks in the top of the world and back to Hutchinson ks again. so I didn’t move too much in my life I guess. how about you All ?


Born in a hospital in Bridgeport Connecticut. Lived In neighboring town most my life… not gonna say which. Went to school one semester in Tampa Florida. Then went 5 semesters in new Rochelle New York. Went 1 quarter in Olympia Washington at one point. Lived in Stamford, Norwalk, and new haven Connecticut. Now I’m back in Bridgeport :slight_smile: I like where I live now.

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What do you mean you didn’t move around much? That’s a lot of different places right in Kansas.

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i’ve only moved once, and it was recent.

I was born in Scotland, and have lived in all the major cities and a few other small towns… I have moved house about 20 times. I now live in the north of England, in a tiny village out in the country, it’s really quiet here and I like it a lot, it is a beautiful area.

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born in oklahoma city, lived in midwest city a suburb for most of my youth. grew up in Norman oklahoma only to return there for college later. went to florida two times during colleg to make money for school. went to florida a third time to be with a woman I met online…then she treated me poorly and I moved to arizona to be with another woman. I married that woman. I also divorced her and now I’m back in oklahoma again.