Friday I went to the

downtown post office and got me an international passport. It’s coming in the mail in 5 weeks. I am taking a trip to Israel during the Easter season of 2020 in April. I am excited. It will be my first time out of the country since 1998, when I went on a trip to Europe with my mom and best friend at the time.


That sounds like an awesome trip! You’ll have to keep us updated.


Well that is exciting. Have a fantastic time and send me a picture if you want! My MIL and SIL went there together. That’s a good time to go.

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I will definitely keep you guys posted on developments.


Very cool. I think everyone should travel overseas at least once to experience different culture. Even among English speaking countries there’s differences and it’s worthwhile doing.

Sounds like a decent trip!


I wholeheartedly agree with you @rogueone. But, I would go further. I say that people from first world countries should visit a third world country at least once or more in their lives to get a partial taste of the other side.

Have a nice trip @SkinnyMe!

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Thank you, @anon47167357!

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