Frequent Childhood Nightmares Suggest Increased Risk of Psychotic Traits

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Children who suffer from frequent nightmares or bouts of night terrors may be at an increased risk of psychotic experiences in adolescence, according to new research from the University of Warwick. The study, published today in the journal SLEEP, shows that children reporting frequent nightmares at the age of 12 were three and a half times…


That’s fascinating as I did experience pretty horrific nightmares nightly from an early age.

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Same here. I was pretty interested by this one, too.

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Yes, this is very interesting.
I had vivid dreams and Nightmares and intense Night terrors all throughout childhood.

I would say it is so true, as a child I had so many nightmares it was torture. Two repeating ones were one about someone in the closet in my bedroom and the other was everyone was wearing a mask around me and were not human form as we know it. Scary to a child