Free Community Meal, Crafting and Swap Shop tonight

yeah, free food, crafts and a swap shop, it sounds really good but will it be? i’m hoping it will, i should meet lots of new people there and hopefully make some friends :slight_smile:

its ran by the garden team i think :+1:

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That sounds really nice and interesting too.

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how are you? @everhopeful :slight_smile:

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Feeling a bit hungover (but I don’t drink). It normally gets better as the day goes on.

Also I’ve just stopped taking a supplement called NAC which was making things worse. I had hoped it would improve things.

And that’s all my news lol !

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i felt really tired and light headed this morning too :confused: was it like that?

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Not really light headed. It’s quite similar to an actual alcohol hangover. Feeling a bit groggy etc. It happens everyday and gradually gets better slowly over the course of the day.

At least I’m stable so I can’t complain too much.

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i’m just lying on my couch with a glass of apple juice lol

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I’m just watching music videos on tv :tv: as I normally do. But usually I get to see my nieces today but they’ve all got the flu this week.

That event you’re going to tonight sounds pretty interesting though , make sure you tell us how it went.

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well i just got back from it and it was great,

I helped in the kitchen making quiche and putting out food, then luckily they had vegetarian food,

It was veg/haggis with carrot/swede/potato mash,

Caramelised red onion with Blue Cheese Quiche and another one with Feta, no onion but chives instead,

Then we had Crackers/cheese/salsa sauce, and for desert there were tubs of cream/oats/raspberry,

There were also clothes that were being given away and i got some good clothes, I got a nice gardening vest (new) a nice hat and a pair of trousers (new)

It was a nice night, met a couple of people, nice food, free clothes. :slight_smile:

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