Spontaneous stuff

Went for a drive tonight with my friend and met up with my cousin in a nice pub, had a drink and then went for chinese, we were going to stay in a bnb but I chickened out and my friend drove us back, just back from another pub near my house where we could both drink alcohol and I have felt pretty good all day TBH which is unusual but it was just the spontenaity of it that I thought was pretty awesome, I never do anything like this so it was a nice break from the norm.


Seems like you were chillin’

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Definitely, you had the whole chill effect going on,

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That’s called “living”, and I hardly ever do stuff like that either. Good for you! Sounds fun! (I don’t drink but just the getting out and away sounds really nice) :blush:

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Thanks guys, I guess I was pretty chilled, felt really good today, really with it,

I had a chat with a couple of people at the cafe this morning then I went to another place to eat and had a chat with the people in there, it was great,

then I went and did an hour volunteering doing admin and getting shown the ropes of the computer system and made some calls :slight_smile:

Best day ever :blush:


Yeah, I think I am use to just the normal stuff I don’t normally go out of my comfort zone but I think I might have loosened up a bit, this place we went I thought was hours away but was only about 25mins in the car

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I’m genuinely happy for you! And I hope you’ll do those sorts of things more often, knowing that you can… And hearing about your experience is inspiring. :heart:️

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Only thing that is spoiling it is not sz but It’s a cold and my throat has been sore but it was OK until I got back and I just took a lozenge and it’s better again, my nose is running though I couldn’t sleep so got up and did some dishes and tidying up in the kitchen

Get rest! Vitamin C and echinacea and zinc! :grin: Feel better!