Forgetting meds

I sometimes forget to take my esopramozale magnesium (Nexium) before going to sleep. It always results in me waking up at like 4am. Here I am finally out of bed at 6am.

I never forget my psychoactive meds, Nexium is for gastric reflux.

Do you forget your meds? What happens when you do?

I have funny thoughts when I wake up in the early morning like that. I think very strange runaway trains of thought. Like right now I am outweighing the mech battles vs the stupid ■■■■ in the first season of Code Geass. Season two was like zero stupid ■■■■, all mech battles, friggin world war with the damn things, season one was like this guy is like 17 and a senior in high school (BLOODY SLAUGHTER WITH MECHS WHILE HE CUTS CLASS) now hes back in school and its stupid, keep watching for season two, I promise its better, and an entire episode about a cat. 24 mins of my life wasted on a cat that had nothing to do with the world war. They just had to do that ■■■■. The Japanese make no sense sometimes. I do want a Shiba Inu though, and I do watch anime, mostly violent anime…no wait, only violent anime. Its when its not violent that I cant stand it. Like one of my friends talked me into watching Madoka Magika. Two of them, actually, both quite nerdy. I was like WTF THIS ■■■■ SUCKS by the end of that damn show. I watched Dragonball Z when I was like 14. I like Vegeta, he looks like me, and hes short. I remember some people in high school said I looked and acted like Vegeta, working out for like three hours after school in the weight room, eating ■■■■ tons of food, having a widow’s peak hairline, being buff, ect. I have nothing to do for like what six hours. Im going to the gym with a friend in six hours. I want to rewatch Code Geass, but I cant stand the stupid crap in season one, I seriously might implode if I have to watch the episode about a ■■■■■■■ cat.

■■■■■■■ summer class starts in a week FML

SNL (saturday night live)
LOL (laugh out loud)
FML (fuck my life)

You know my friend works at a crossfit gym and he has keys, so saturday night at like 730 we went and opened the place up because it was closed and blasted music and had the place to ourselves for two hours. I jumped rope and did some of my old ahem ass kicking conditioning like ab exercises (my trunk is like a tree) and one arm pushups and box jumps and crap and lots of jumping rope. I jumped on my right foot for a while and now my right calf is extremely sore. I think a really insane workout is comparable to sex, and I have done both repeatedly and obsessively. Sex might be a little better, but being a weakling while having sex doesnt sound fun, ugh thats just a nightmare–what if I didnt have muscles for people to touch?! Im probably not gonna have sex again for like seven years, I just got dumped a week ago and Im leaving this shitty city for grad school next fall. Grad school means probably no dating, I will be reading and reading and ■■■■■■■ reading lift weights like im insane for a couple hours a week (oh wait I am) and then read more.

If you read this whole thing, you need to watch Code Geass from start to finish and tell me it’s not awesome. Or at least parts of it, the battles arent awesome. Best mech show ever.

its time for more meds, the brain ones, by the way.

I have no shame.


I never forget my meds because I program reminders/alarms into my smart phone - after I take a med, I check it off on my phone - its been working for me so far

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Found out the hard way that I needed a doset box. It keeps me right

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Dude thats a good idea- I just check the time and take mine when I am supposed to…most of the time. I should set an alarm for my nexium- I take it right before I go to sleep.


I used to forget my medications sometimes when I took them at night. Since I have switched to morning medications it very rarely happens. I also carry a little metal tube with backup medication on my key ring in case I unexpectedly end up sleeping somewhere else, I got it at a drugstore and a couple of doses plus some back-up sleeping pills fit in. Whenever I do happen to miss a dose, not too much happens except for some slight worries about symptoms coming back.


I take my meds in the morning, tend to forget a day about once every three months. But nothing bad seems to happen so I just carry on. When I change dose levels too my body reacts very slowly, it can often take weeks for the full effects of a new dose or new med to be felt. Slow metabolism, I guess.

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It depends on which one I forget.

Miss the Latuda… I’m lethargic and slow and zoned out.

Miss the Seroquel and the wheel in my head is on fire and I’m all over the board and getting hyper. My thinking is no were near right… word salad is served.

Miss the Depakote and I’m manic first… then crashing into flatness.

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After all these years, I’m pretty good about taking meds. Still, I sometimes run into my own resistance about so much regimentation!


@flybottle, I watch cops the tv show, and that might be illegal. You might need the actual box the medication came in or a prescription, as if you’re caught, they might assume you were selling it.

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I will check it, thanks. It seems to me that carrying whole boxes full of meds around rather than just a couple fits the profile of a dealer better though. Whenever I go to clubs or a festival I tell the security and show them the medication. I cut out the aluminium strip it comes packed in such that they can tell the brandname and what it is etc. Never had a problem with it, sometimes they want to keep it for me until I leave the place again.

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I rarely forget my medications, I didn’t take seroquel one night and it made me feel incredibly nauseated the whole night until I took, my next dosage, and that was when I was on a low amount of the drug. Otherwise if I don’t take my medication now a-days, I find it extremely difficult to fall asleep because of the anxiety, and the activity in my head. So I might wind up taking my meds say at 3am instead normally around 9 to 11 pm. I’d say about 80% of the time if I can’t fall asleep odds are I didn’t take my meds. Then there’s also the sickening feeling I get.

Normally speaking I keep my meds in a little pill sorter box set for a week at a time. However If deviate from my normal schedule and my box is near the end of the week I can get confused if I took my meds or not.Normally I don’t take them so I quickly fill the box and take them.

I keep a pillbox on me at all times too

I only miss my meds when they are not within reach, for example when I sleep at my brothers. Other wise I sugar for meds and consider it to be one of the healthiest things I can offer to myself.

I’m the same, take them in the afternoon, no problem, take them at night and I forget. I’m going to download a pill reminder app as I’m going to switch to taking them at night soon.

Fortunate thing about antipsychotics is they don’t get abused on the street. Cops aren’t expecting your Prozac or trilafon to be hitting the black market. They’re looking for painkillers. A quick explanation of the pills and you’d be on your way surely.

i once dropped a haldol pill in my in laws truck and i couldn’t find it. Well a few days later they found it and completely over reacted saying that my mother in law could have gone to jail for the one little pill. Yet it’s okay for them to take my ativan over to my brother in law?

What world do they live in? people go to jail for having haldol in their truck? Funny…

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I forgot my meds these past 2 days it’s been ok I guess, besides the extreme antisocial behavior of the “I don’t give a flying ■■■■ about you or your species, so don’t look at me.” Though its not aggressive just trying to ■■■■ with people. I’m like the MLK of antisocial behavior. I finally put it in my google calendar to remember for tonight.

I’ve forgotten to take pills in the past, I set a reminder for each pill and when I take them. The hardest pill to remember to take is my latuda. Since I take it after dinner, but I never eat dinner at the same time everyday.