For those that don't work

do you have feelings of worthlessness? Not being able to hold down a job bums me out. I’d like to be a contributing member of society and earn my own money. Sitting around all day gives me these thoughts sometimes. Do you have some of these same feelings? I try not to think about it, and just focus on my hobbies and managing my sz symptoms.


No. Not to say that I haven’t in the past but I do not now. As far as I’m concerned, I contributed to for 25 years or so with deductions from my paychecks into social security. I feel no sense of shame collecting on a program that is there just for this purpose.

Still, I sometimes consider going back to work for the extra money. Just not sure I could handle it at the current time.


I didn’t even think about it that way. That’s a good point. I worked for 10 years before getting full blown sz. So I’ve paid some dues. I’m just bummed out that I might not be able to work for the rest of my life. I’m 31. Not sure how I’m gonna be able to live on my own once my parents go.


Yeah I have a long work history so I no longer mis working, I’ve done my time.


I understand @Wave. But I’m still physically able to work, pretty much in my prime for making money, and I can’t hack it. Just a little depressing, is all. I still look for jobs online – just haven’t found one I think I can manage. Maybe one day I’ll find a good fit somewhere


Yes I understand @Tulane
Good luck with everything


Yes I feel worthless for being a stay at home son and not working. I don’t really know what I can do for work in my small city except unload semi trucks but I don’t like doing that.


I used to feel worthless. Now I feel sad and embarrassed but not to the extent of worthlessness. I’ve tried and failed so many times. I think I’m better off not working.


I dont feel worthless. I would work if workplaces in Trinidad made accommodations for persons with mental illness.


I’m also scared of this. Whenever I try to work, it always blows up in my face. Then I say, “I’m not going to work for a looong time.” Then a few months later, I feel like trying to work again. Vicious cycle. Maybe I’m just better off not working


I used to when I didn’t work. And sometimes still feel as if I don’t do enough with my part time job. My husband and boss both say that I do more than I give myself credit for, but it doesn’t seem like it to me.


It’s ok to keep trying unless it’s affecting your mental health too much. Maybe wait until you’re more stable and then try again


I am sitting in a parking lot right now about to go to an interview in a car dealership for a service writer in the service department.

There is likely no chance I would take this job even if they offered it to me so no clue as to why I am here really.

I just like to keep my options open.


This is a good idea. Thanks for the replies



I feel absolutely useless sometimes.

Especially when my husband is home and I can hear him working.

He’s on the phone all freaking day, in meetings, talking to employees, etc…

If I do a couple loads of laundry and keep the house clean, it’s a good day.

Sometimes I’m not capable of that.

Makes me feel like absolute ■■■■.

I was working and bringing in a lot of money when I started this relationship.

Sometimes I feel like I’m not what my husband signed on for.

But he denies this feeling and doesn’t care that he solely earns for us both.

I struggle with it every day, honestly.

Sorry you do too.

Wish I had good advice but we’re in the same boat.


Props to you @Phrogflyer for getting out there, though. Interviewing for jobs is a good practice. Good luck with the interview!


I think that’s what gets me the most – I used to work 50+ hours a week before sz. Didn’t make a whole lot of money lol but I was a good worker. Now I’m lucky to just get the dog walked every day. Wish I had the same drive and work ethic that I used to have…


I worked part time from age 14, full time summers when I was 16 and it was legal. After high school I went to college a year, still working part time. I dropped out the Fall of 1978 and got a full time job when I was 19. I paid Social Security taxes on all my work I did before I got sick with Sz. I had 40 Work Credits with Social Security and was entitled to full benefits including SSDI.

Edit - in Arkansas it’s legal for 14 year olds to work part time after school and weekends. At least it was back in the 1970’s. You had to be 16 to work full time.


I don’t know, man.

I wish I had some good news about the situation.

But it isn’t great.

I think we have to have more structure in our day to help us feel like we’re doing more.

Like write a schedule and adhere to it.

I’ve done that and it legit works.

In a lot of ways, I’m still on that schedule.

And I am more productive than ever.

Not good enough to work, but I manage a household and it’s pretty nice in here.

Maybe a manageable schedule would work for you.


Making a schedule is a great idea. I need more structure to my daily routine. Maybe I’ll see if there are more chores that need done around the house. Stuff like that to keep me busy and keep my mind occupied. Thanks for the replies – there have been some good perspectives shared in this thread from everyone