For my next girlfriend a song

Hmm. . .

Great Find!.

I Gave The Song, ‘Something About Us’, (By) ‘The Daft Punk’.

To My Friend And Lover.

She Loves It!.

am just dreaming ATM about a girlfriend

Hmm. . .

She’ll Arrive Soon Enough.

Never Give Up On Your Dreams.

Keep Posting Those Meme’s.

She Will Discover Your Attempt At Finding The Meaning Of Life To Embrace Her Beauty.

There was never a sock without a match

my soul-mate is out there

she is waiting on me

Hmm. . .

Why Do You Mention Socks?.

As in every sock has a match

Hmm. . .


But!, Why Would You Mention Meaningless Clothing When You Suggest A Soulmate?.

Afterall, Adam And Eve Never Began As Such.

But!, Sadly, The Whole Apple Parade Did Get Ruined By A Devious Snake.

Sense of humour

That is my answer

Hmm. . .

I Have A Joke For You.

My Own Sense Of Humor.

Knock Knock!.

Who’s There?.

Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris Who?.

Chuck Norris I Already Told You His Last Name.

You Can Thank Me Later When You Tell Thus Golden Joke To Your New Girlfriend @san_pedro.

Hmm. . .

For Someone To Suggest Their Own Sense Of Humor In A Vacant Response Of Confusion.

Your Absolute Silence Regarding My Extended Outreach Of My Own Humor.

As A Gift From Me For A Gift From You To Your Future Soulmate.

Is Confusing.

Do You Have Deceitful Motives With Thus Topic And Song In Your Original Post @san_pedro?.

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