For all the Ladies on the board

You are awesome. This one’s on me :pizza:

Or perhaps I could interest you in a :hamburger:

And I apologize if you’re vegan/vegetarian. I’ll figure out something better next time. A lot of you have/or are having children on top of a hard illness.

Much love and respect to you all. :smiley: :v: :+1:


what about us? what about us… (weeps)

just kidding…

you have a good heart @Chrishasheart


Aww no food for me :slightly_frowning_face:

It’s okay! I brought enough to share! :rice_ball::cheese::cherries::apple::doughnut::doughnut::doughnut::doughnut::doughnut::doughnut::doughnut:


Thank you @Prince_Boring :smiley:

Take care :v:

@supernova brought donuts! If it’s ok with you I’ll happily take one of those :wink:

Do you like hummus and pita bread? When I was a vegetarian I ate a ton of that!


Yum! Such a lovely thought. Thanks for the post :slight_smile:


You welcome LuckK! I just thought it would be nice to give ya’ll ladies some positivity in your lives. :slight_smile:


Definitely. We Arabs love our hummus!


At my university you could get free bagels from the Jewish society group. Am not Jewish but I like bagels.

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I like Jews and I like bagels. that’s a win-win for me! lucky you!

I could so go for a burger right now

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That does sound good. I can’t wait until thanksgiving.

Here you go @PrincessKenny :hamburger:

Burgers!! And oh my god I’m so excited, my fiancé and I go to my family’s house and then his so we get thanksgiving dinner twice :smile:

Hahaha sweet! I wish you and your fiancé a happy thanksgiving. Oh and a happy thanksgiving to your baby as well :smiley: Have you thought of any names for him/or her yet?

I am at my Mom’s now. She is cooking the big turkey and a few other things at the moment.

Then my birthday is on sunday (which I am not too excited about :confused:) But oh well. Life goes on la-di-da.

Thanks. I happen to be vegetarian, but I’m not offended lol! Maybe a veggie burger will do, but I’m not really a burger fan, give me pasta anytime! :smile:


why not, my good friend? life can be a great gift. take a while, close your eyes, and think of all the positive things that have happened!

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Happy Thanksgiving to you too! And happy birthday, I’m not a fan of getting older at this point either haha and we’re thinking of naming him Christopher because it’s my fiance’s middle name. We just found out on Tuesday we’re having a boy so we got to tell everyone today, which was nice :slight_smile:


Thank you @sirBoring I guess I am just sad about getting old. But I am in high spirits today :slight_smile:

I’ll take your positive words to heart. Take care :v:

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Awesome! Congratulations PrincessKenny :smiley:

And thank you for the happy birthday wishes. Take care. :v:

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