For all of us

Schizophrenia to me is the self that I rejected. It whispers a bunch of secrets to me about the unconscious fears I have about my past, the world, and my abuse. If I ruminate in this world by being crippled by the negative symptoms, I cannot express myself in a stable way, and I cannot see the truth to my situation. The voices constantly try and bring me to this world that simply cannot wholesomely be approved of to be real. They would do anything to be the masters of this world in which they “created”. The woman voice wishes to be darling, the man wishes to be important and the master , and most the most embarrassing, sexually dominant. And the rest are just there to “enjoy”. I cannot deny that this reality represents a sex trade. I am the “victim”. I am now healthy and see their desperate cries for attention, even going as far as pretending to sell me to someone else. But little do they know that I don’t care. They are fake and liars. They cannot lie to my face and say that that they wont be there tomorrow. They need me to sustain themselves, they need power, they need security, and guess what? That’s why I thought I needed them. Now they are just tiny dots in the vastness of my conscious. Tiny, tiny dots. The images I see are none other than dreams that cannot speak to the outside world. And like a good friend once put it, they want you to listen because no one else can. And like another friend once put it, there is a light inside of us in which we need to recognize and fight for. We are not the only ones, the words they say are only what gets to you, this is why we have different stories, but the same issue. I trust in a higher power, You may not, but that always rocks too. Don’t ever say to yourself that you cant because this is the mind, and if you get up and go do something for yourself that is beneficial, you will prosper. I don’t care if I am the slave to the mind, because I’m going to live for the reality that others claim is safe.


I have altered my reality I’m a super hero just like you were all ■■■■■■■ super heroes survival is hard enough why do we need sz though?