Following in footsteps

Jack Keruoac had a daughter Jane, never raised her, could care less, and she grew up to be a writer just like him. Couldn’t you have done social work.
James Joyce daughter cut the phone line when they called in for her dad to now become famous, saying, I’m the writer.
Jack Hemingway became a writer. I bet they all say that. Jack’s daughter is still writing somewhere in the New England area.
Fitzgerald never had a child, but I bet the child would have,
become a writer, or trying.
My daughter? likes mine, but doesn’t want it for herself.
enough of this sh-it
get a life from fame!
what about the remaining Plath child. no idea

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I take that back, Fitzgerald had a daughter, Scottie. likely she spent her time after her young parents death, being a writer.

Where was your origin, Sheri. Nowhere!

I like to write. I write by hand though and it makes my back hurt being hunched over. Did Tolstoy write those long books by hand or did they have typewriters? Believe it or not some writers today write by hand. It’s cathartic, Sheri!

I don’t know if I should respond to you,
cuz you’re all games.
think about maybe responding to what I said.
otherwise, shut up!

I’m Jinx. I’m a genius at screw ups!

you don’t have to put that in a comment on here.
willy nilly, then hindsight. geez.

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