First day taking Sarcosine

I took not too long ago, as soon as it arrived, a moderate amount, not expecting, as it is a supplement and not a drug, to feel any immediate effect. But now, after about an hour has passed, I just noticed a brief sensation of warmth in my head. At first just before the warm sensation I figured, well I took my clonazepam a little late so maybe that’s kicking in, but the warmth is not the clonazepam as I’ve taken that long enough to know it’s effect.

Not unpleasant feeling, but was surprised to feel anything right off the bat. I know it said do not take if you have high blood pressure, though I have a history of good blood pressure, perhaps not what it used to be, but last tested it was not high but not as low as it used to be.

Anyone taking Sarcosine felt anything like this?


I started taking it about a week ago, and I also noticed effects right away. I have increased from a gram a day to 1.5. I take 1 gram in the morning and .5 around 3pm. It is amazing how much it has helped me with my negative symptoms. I actually have energy, get up way earlier, and I am doing a lot of things right away that I normally put off. I hope that it works well for you.


May I ask if you are diagnosed with a psychotic disorder? Because you are posting in a forum that is intended for those diagnosed with psychotic disorders.


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There is a forum for family (including mental health staff, I guess), if you are interested, maybe you could start posting there?

mild ocd is nothing like psychosis, trust me.

Yes! I felt it the first day, too! I wasn’t expecting anything until 6 months, but I got up and started cleaning during the middle of the day and not at night (I am a night cleaner). My head got alert, everything was in focus, I could read a long passage without freaking out over the lack of indenting…

I also have an easier time chatting while maintaining “enthusiasm” on my face, (my friend happened to say that while I was talking I looked “excited” about the subject of education [I have always been excited, but I guess now it was visible]).

Where are you getting yours? I got mine from brainvitaminz. I’m at 3-3.5 grams a day, got it a week ago, just about. I jumped up to 3 pretty quick, got tummy aches, well worth it!!!

Please keep forum updated on what changes you experience! Thanks!

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I just started sarcosine too, I think that’s it’s working. I am up to a gram a day, and next week plan to increase to 2 grams. I’ve been mixing it in water and trying it that way. I’ve been taking it a few days. I feel it focusing my attention and I’ve been able to clean the apartment a little bit but I got overwhelmed with having to shovel the sidewalk twice today.


3rd day taking sarcosine.

Something odd occurred today, something I never remember happening to me. I spent most of today at the clubhouse and the entire time I’m thinking that one of the members is someone else, a guy who comes in to volunteer now and then. It’s only at the end of the day that I realize that isn’t who he is at all, it’s not let’s say “Tom”, looks nothing like him and this guy has a dog who comes to spend the day with him.

This case of mistaken identity was a little disconcerting as I’ve never had this happen. They are both people I see all the time and are nothing a like. I also have a headache on only the left side of my head which I took some aspirin for when I got home.

I’m not going to stop taking it, but am definitely keeping an eye on stuff like this. I otherwise was totally fine, this mistaken identity aside. I also decided the other night to keep my intake of alcohol more within reason and stick to only beer.