First date disaster


I was so awkward, I even asked him if he thought I was attractive, which we both agreed was a weird question. I thought he would go running for the hills. But he ended up asking for my number and said it was a nice first meeting. So… was it a success?


Good for you it sounds like it went fine.

Sounds like a success


Glad it went well. Sounds successful to me.


Sounds good. Good luck


There are predators out there who prey on vulnerable people. They often dominate and abuse. We are a risk group because our illness decreases our self-esteem. Make sure you don’t let anyone treat you badly ! With that in mind, I wish you good luck in finding a good, caring guy !


Make sure he’s compatible with you. But good luck!


Did he not have your number before the date? How did you meet?


Hope this works out for you. Sometimes weird questions break the ice! :crossed_fingers:


We actually met for the first time today. His friends set us up over text


You talked to a member of the opposite sex and didn’t choke, by my standards it’s a success, so good for you!


It definitely sounds like it was a good and successful encounter. Dating can be stressful for anyone, so I agree with @Coldcomfort that having the courage to get out there and meet people is already a success. :slight_smile:


Keep a little in reserve with this guy. Don’t commit yourself a 100 % if you what I mean.


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