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Finished my book


I hope to continue reading the other books I have. It took me just over a week to finish this one with 420 pages. I feel it takes me longer than normal people but it is progress. My concentration has improved.


How can i read ur book… are u going to send me…??


That’s great! What book were you reading?


Glad your concentration has improved @ish I’m reading “SNOOP: what your stuff says about you” by Sam Gosling. It’s a PDF version. I just finished 3 chapters. I rated it 3 stars rather than 5 stars.


I wish I could send you :frowning:


It was called the tea planters wife… :smiley: I am thinking to read harry potter at some point.


Do you use kindle?


Yes, I have a kindle.


Do you find it is easier to read through a Kindle over an actual book… the prospect of reading doesn’t seem so daunting … i really should get one


Reading through a kindle is easier than over an actual book because kindle is lighter to hold.