Finally healing

So Friday I went to the doctor so he could check on how the surgery site was doing and found out they forgot to order antibiotics and this obviously has made my husband, mom, and myself upset and angry but they rectified it by ordering the antibiotics and antibiotic ointment and my wrist is looking pretty good! I’ve had a lot of drainage and gunk coming out but it’s finally feeling better and looking better! The gaping gap in my skin is almost completely closed and the pain isn’t to bad, my mom has been having to take gauze to remove gross gunk from the area and tonight wasn’t that bad, it mostly gave me a weird tickling sensation… I’m just glad I’m okay


I’m glad you are doing better!

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@Wave me too I’m glad they caught it but it seems kinda ridiculous that it took them two post-op visits to realize she’s not healing… Did we give her antibiotics? I mean seriously I was 15 days post-op before they caught it and they had just seen me 13 days post-op! Frustration to the max


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