Finally got a smartphone

The iPhone 5s. Actually saved money per month. Now I can post on EVERYwhere…not that I go many places anyways but ya lol. After all these years of flip phones…


congratulations <3 is it pink :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have that phone, pretty awesome I am sure you will like it. Enjoy dear :ok_hand:

I got white. I told the guy I wasn’t mafioso enough to do the pink.

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Now I can take pics like these

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I’ve a Java phone, I think it is smart, it doesn’t want android app to be installed, it has its own mind.

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Only in America can you go from a phone from 2007 to a brand new smart phone for free…and actually save money on your monthly plan. I don’t get that. I told my parents they owe me :disappointed_relieved:

Got gas for 2.13 today. What a nice day

Welcome to the iPhone club :wink:

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