What type of phone u guys use ..! brand new or Used ..!

i never use refurbished one,My brother said he will send me used one…!!!
All the phone shown on ebay are usable…i am confused …!!! for new i dont have money …!!

In Israel a simple cellphone you can get very cheap, as little as 10 dollars from what I heard.
Perhaps it’s possible in Nepal as well.

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Mine are older, I bought them new, one recently kicked the bucket, so using the last one I have its a samsung about 4 years old

Erz love u man …!!! Are u on medication now …!!!

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You may want to look into an iPhone 5C. It has a good camera, has been on the market for quite a few years, so it should be relatively inexpensive.


I have never needed a phone, my sister gave me her old ones but I don’t use them :worried:

The best quality/price phones are of course the chinese ones, like this for 60$

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do they work in north america?

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They ship worldwide for free but it takes 1 month, I think that Trump will try to stop this, who would consciously buy an ‘american’ iPhone?

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I have an iPhone 6 that was bought new about 3 years ago.
If your main priority is to save money than I would go with an iPhone 5S - good phone with lots of features.


@far_cry0 I have several hours of excercise ahead of me…
Unfortunately I am not allowed to post in the “say anything here” topic so I post
I hope it goes smoothly…

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I can’t afford to pay for a cell phone and have an internet connection for my laptop too. I have to use a phone out in the hallway that everyone in our apartments uses. I’m not too worried about it.

I have a disconnected iPhone 5 and a disconnected Nokia 950. I use my Nokia fro Music.
I am currently on SSDI and have an “Obama-phone”. It is like a phone from 2000 or so. It texts and has WiFi but it is extremely antiquated. What can I say? It’s free.