Finally drinking enough water

2 more 12 oz bottles of water and I’ll have drank 60 oz of water the recommended amount of water to drink is 64 oz and I haven’t down this in years, I normally only drink at max 36 oz of water and only pee 2 to 3 times a day now it’s 12:33pm and I’ve peed 3 times already… It’s a little annoying but oh well

You’ve done well . Drinking enough water is definitely an issue for me. This is related to interoception .

I’m thirsty but my water filter isn’t done yet and my water isn’t cold yet

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@Leaf and @firemonkey I accidentally drank 60oz of water and only peed three times… Kinda freaking own here


@Leaf and @firemonkey I meant 80oz not 60oz

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I need to drink more h2o, going to make it a goal from now on

My dr wants me to drink 112 oz of water a day. I manage to do it believe it or not. My problem is getting the pee out due to bladder issues (neurogenic bladder).

I’m drinking 4 liters per day. Most of that is tea. It’s easy for me because I drink so much to kill the taste away from smoking :smiley:. Need to cut out that sugar for sure.

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