Fictional characters you relate to

Sailor Saturn from Sailor Moon is probably the prime example of a character whose life is a bit like mine, in the metaphorical sense. I don’t want to spoil too much but I will say her powers kind of reflect what I thought I was capable of during psychosis (they weren’t an influence on my psychosis because I only really got into Sailor Moon after my break).

Personality-wise, we’re pretty similar, too. She’s pretty shy with a kind heart but adopts a more stoic, sarcastic persona when she’s fighting.


How about you?

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Eleven from Stranger Things.

She was young when she was experimented on, which I relate a lot with my abuse. She couldn’t talk as much because she was traumatized, until she was able to recover significantly.

Despite all this, she has telekinetic powers and saves her friends. She’s a typical giver I think.


Tom Cruise.
He was great in “Risky Business”.
It’s kind of ironic that he thinks psychiatry is a “psuedo science” when he could actually use it more than most people.


Jack sparrow, Peter Pan, Spider-Man, Mary Poppins, that’s all I can think of. I mostly like characters that are neither villains or hero’s, almost depending on which time of the movie their role alternates, seems more realistic to me. Jack Sparrow is like a hero to me though, can relate to him more than any other character

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Squidward. I always run into annoying people and no matter what you say or do they keep being annoying.

Cough SpongeBob
Cough Patrick Star
Cough Mr. Crab

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Data from Star Trek

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Ayla from Clan of The Cavebear.
She was a smart, inquisitive child, but was held down by her society’s strict norms.
After she found her people, she blossomed and gained confidence. Even though she kept being put through difficulties, she faced them and came out stronger on the other side with the support of her loved ones.

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