Fick my life. I'm more ill

I’m getting worse, my therapist said I’m getting psychotic but I think I start to see the true world. I wonder if it’s another reality then the one we’re use to.

He said there’s only one reality and our perspective changed base upon what we focus our attention on.

I think Im starting to see the truth, I had an experience when I saw reality for what it is. It’s exactly as that as it’s Jim carrey “revelation” (you can find it on YouTube - search Jim carrey gone mad-TW). I think I need more therapy also I don’t really trust my therapist or my family or anybody.

My therapist said I’m fluctuating for the last two months between being psychotic and stable.

I think I need some med adjustment. Reading books, exercising, meditation, studying philosophical ideas, going off meds for 2 days, getting accused of something I didn’t do, all this things made everything worse. Or it’s the winter

Nobody cares, if you don’t want me here just tell me don’t ignore me. Don’t comment on my post you know who you are

@anon27884915 where are you bro? You’re probably mad at me but don’t be I didn’t felt good

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Ok @anon92220549. If you need discord or help, I have no problems with that. If you honestly, cannot remember your actions, I can provide you with pms that you sent. Or we can drop it because we all are in need of support. If you were in a bad place and are ill I get that. However, we are all members of society and have to respect each other. I hope that you have learned from this. I want you no ill will, but please get help, k. You are a valuable person here, but seriously if you are having issues, “don’t pm”. Take care of yourself



I care!
I agree you need a med adjustment but hang on in there.
Just make sure you respect other people’s perception of reality even if they’re wrong. And remember, there’s always a chance anyone could be wrong, so it’s better to be kind and respectful even if you may not need to, rather than hurt people if you think it doesn’t matter and possibly be wrong.
All in all, we’re here for you @anon92220549. Stay strong


Hi mate! I really feel the same. I do have my own troubles myself. Mentally and non mentally lol.

Remember to not skip meds and talk/call your pdoc if it’s needed.

No i’m just crazy, i thought you made something on purpose which has to do with me. I repeat i’m just crazy dude. I just log in now and saw this. My advice: Take your meds, trust your therapist( i dont have one) you might learn something, maybe tips for you, i dont know, talk more if you’re going through bad periods, it might help you release the tension inside you… I am mostly here all day but i dont have great advice. Stay strong


It does sound like you might be in need of a med increase. What does your pdoc say about it?

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I’m going to her next week,i didn’t talk to heryet only to my tp. maybe I should call her @Pikasaur

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I’m sorry you are going through such a hard time right now @anon92220549. Winter time is rough. You probably do need a med adjustment. Take care of yourself.

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Continue seeing your doctors.
Take your meds regularly.
Reach out to people that care.

Hang tough @anon92220549!

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It sounds like you’re really struggling right now. My advice would be to work with your pdoc on a med adjustment and trust your therapist. It sometimes seems like we can’t trust people when actually we should. I know this from experience. it can be hard but opening up and talking to them, listening to what they say, is probably very helpful to you in the long run. Take care of yourself, man.

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Hang in there, get to your pdoc soon

I think not taking your medication consistently is why you have deteriorated so much.

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