Festivus Airing of Grievances app

I am still having fun making simple apps in BASIC! for my android phone, but I think I may have made a pretty fun and perhaps useful app:

It’s an Airing of Grievances app for Festivus (the virtual holiday popularized by Seinfeld)

<img src="/uploads/default/6733/29b7c710fa87d68c.png" width="300 height=“500”>

You can either type in your complaints or dictate them to your phone with Google Speech recognition.

After you collect a bunch of grievances you can “Spread the Joy of Festivus” and email them to friends, family, coworkers (or even elected officials if your country permits it).

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Yay! It went through to the play store.

Festivus-A holiday for the rest of us.
Drag out the pole, let the feats of strength begin.

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