Feeling positive today!

I know i’m Usually negative Nancy but today has been a good day! Slight from still being sick physically but mentally i’m Actually okay. I decided that tonight I would come on here and give out positive vibes!

So if anyone is going through a tough time or just wants to talk PM me or let’s chat on here!


I’m usually negative and cynical. But today has been a good day for me as well. Glad you are feeling better as well. I wish I knew how to keep the feeling going. But everyday is like a choose your own adventure game.


Glad your having a good day. It can be hard sometimes when people are struggling but hearing some positive news is great for the community. Enjoy what is left of your day!

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@nfy I was just explaining to my mom how today I can feel so great but tomorrow could be different. I don’t want it to be different and I can only hope I have the same positive vibe but with sz you never know.

@rogueone thank you feels good being a supporter for once! I hope you have a good day as well!


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