Feeling old at a young age?

Anyone experience this

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Well I’m now 57 but suddenly I feel like 60.

I think when spring finally gets going, I’ll be back to 45 again.

I’m in my 40s , but suddenly “felt old” almost immediately when I hit 35. Some days I just feel my age and others I feel like I’m 90!

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I attend Peer Support and I feel old (36) around some of my peers who are 8 to 10 years younger than me.

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I feel old and I turn 30 this year. but that’s because I have some herniated disks in my back and ankle with metal in it.

i often feel old yes. maybe because of the child in me who is dead. i am 34 years old, soon ill be 35 and i am really worried about my future cause i have nothing and probably will never have it…

the way I handle certain real-life things and my ability to stay away from committing serious crimes… make me feel… not like many contemporaries.

I’m proud of that.

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While I have been anxious by birthdays coming and going, I have always felt youthful for my age and still do. Before I was MI, I felt VERY youthful for my age but now (the last 2 years) that I am MI, I have lost some ground. I still feel young for my age but not anywhere near as much as I did. I don’t work out 5 days a week, I don’t do my hair and make-up, I have put on weight, my old clothes don’t fit and, of course, I am MI and self-conscious about that. Knowing I am MI has aged me somewhat. I am 48 and would say I look and feel about 40-ish. I used to look 35 and feel 25 though. ahhh well

I’m 28 yes i feel old, I put it down to the dopamine blockers