Feeling good after cleaning

I always feel good after cleaning.

Today I cleaned the kitchen, sink and toilet in bathroom, and did a little tidying. Hoping to vacuum tomorrow. It’s been over a month…so it was getting really gross, and I really like to have it clean, but it seems hard to get started sometimes, especially when the drugs are sedating me.

Any other late cleaning sinners here?


I always wait till I have clothes all over my room to clean it up. But once it’s clean it looks so nice. Lately I’ve been putting my clothes away better

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I rarely clean, I live with my parents.

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I feel good after cleaning too but my avolition so bad that I wait till the dirt looks too much before I clean. And then I just do one chore and leave the others.

Laundry and dishes are easy for me to do. But that’s about all that’s easy.

Other things hard…
Sweep once a week
Change (overflowing) bin once a week.
Clean kitchen sink and bathrooms once a fortnight or so - when I see dirt too much
Dusting - once in a blue moon if ever.
Mopping and vacuuming - once a year - or never!

It just gets so much! I know I can do one thing at a time but I’m not good at consistency. I tend to have poor follow through with goals. Sometimes even setting a goal can be too much.

It’s so uhhhhhhhhhh…

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I got up early and cleaned the oven last week. It ain’t difficult; the spray oven cleaner does most of the work but I inhale a little oven cleaner accidentily every time. No matter how careful I am I always breathe some of that in and it made me choke and almost vomit this time. But I don’t bake a lot of stuff so I won’t have to clean it again for another month or two.

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