Feeling alone

I haven’t told my pdoc this but I feel so alone… I’m not in group or anything so many seem to be. I live with my mom and she tries to understand… does anyone think group would help?

Yes, if probably would. Too much isolation can be particularly bad for sz’s. Any time I spend too much time isolated I get pretty strange. I don’t have the normal checks on my behavior that come with associating with others, and I get eccentric. As we all know, eccentricity isn’t tolerated, except in wealthy people …


Thank you. I don’t have many good friends I have people I work with and I have customers but they don’t know what I’ve gone through.

Try finding a support group. I’m in the board of a non-profit association. We have a meeting once a week. We talk about everything. Illness and every day things. I have found two new friends there.

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i have been to groups and drop ins and its pretty good bc sometimes or a lot of the times there is different activities to join in, things like jewellery making and could be a music session or art depending on whats available and i am sure there is more to choose but you need to ask about it, hopefully its not too far from your area :slight_smile: good luck

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