Feel crappy

Im at work and I just feel crappy. I have a head ache and like brain fog. It just feels like I’m thinking through syrup. I ache all over and have on and off nausea. But last I knew I didnt have a fever nor am I throwing up.

Sorry to hear that you’re sick. Will they let you go home early?

Maybe. I just have to work up the guts to talk to them. I’d feel weird cause i havent even been here a month and due to having to visit urgent care and because of school i missed a lot of work last week

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I lied. I started in march. I think.

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If it continues do a pregnancy test

I do have tests at home just in case a situation like this continues and I need them.

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Im gonna try to finish the machine im currently working on. I just have to put the shocks on then I think I’ll check with the shop manager to see if its good if I go.

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I hope you feel better soon. You actually might have a fever so you definitely should go home. Do you have a thermometer at home?

Yeah I have a thermometer

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Are you still achy?

free will works

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