Oh shopping...yeah

Getting the last stuff before school starts. And groceries. And hopefully jeans for me. Mcds for supper afterwards. I’m currently feeling like a big bag of sh-t. Hopefully I will feel better once I’m out and about.

Sorry you feel awful . . .

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Feeling a bit better. My legs are sore from all the running around but I’m not nausested or dizzy anymore. Thanks

Isn’t it awful when you feel sick on an exciting day. Some people would say you’re just being tested. Wash your face with cool water to remind yourself that it’s not shitt.


I have values, but sometimes I’m in conflict. When I do something that 75 % of me didn’t want I do, I can feel pretty awful.


Thankfully my stomach is feeling better. It was fun watching them tear into the supplies when I got home

Shopping is definitely a stressor

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