Feel beyond amazing with this plan

Hi guys,

I had 2 psychotic episodes about 8 years ago and was diagnosed with schizophrenoform.

I was on 200mg Solian and changed over to abilify 10mg.

I have felt mildy depressed since the episode, and never felt like I was enjoying life.

I tried the following things and I feel amazing:

  1. Reduced abilify to 5mg (psychiatrist suggestion)
  2. Swimming everyday (stopped running 3-4 times a week on the treadmill)
  3. No bread, No rice, No potatoes, No pasta, No sugar
  4. Swisse wild krill oil (professional) (Must be professional the ordinary swisse stuff is useless imo)
    5 - Poached eggs and oats for breakfast
    6 - Smoked salmon + fat free yoghurt for lunch+ salad
    7 - Lean protein + salad or vegies etc for dinner.
    8 - 1-2 pieces of fruit for snacks
    Program is 1700 calories.

The instant relief of depression came from Acupuncture (which medical centre in Australia does for free) I feel Amazing after it, I have not felt this good in 10 years.

I have lost about 6kgs,(lost the weight before acupuncture) also I went and saw a psychologist who did exposure therapy and it sorted out my fear, phobias and extremely mild paranoia.

I have had massive improvement in cognition and overall outlook and motivation.

I am not sure which part of this program makes me feel so good maybe it all worked together as a package.

I am happy with program so far, but would like to hear suggestion on how to improve it.


Really? A fellow swimmer? I was beginning to think I was the only one. Do you also surf?

When did you go gluten free? How hard was it?


You focus on exercise and diet in your list. What about the social aspect of your life? Such as being with friends, or making new friends.

Socialization improves mental health in my honest opinion.

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Swim in the local heated Chlorine pool, Surf on the body board in ocean sometimes. Love both but real love is hobby cars and planes, which are more expensive than a crack habit.

It was not hard at all to stop eating bread and pasta rice, I eat oats so not sure if they contain gluten.
It take about 3 days and the cravings go away. you might experience withdrawal like depression, and lots of other things but it does get better.

The program contains about 150g of carbs a day or 35% which is in between the bracket of low carb and medium carb.

Forgot to mention, I did not believe in acupuncture and while I was getting it done I was just thinking I can believe I am wasting my time doing this crap, but it worked and its not in the mind. I only tried it because it was free.

One Doctor said it works in 50% of cases of depression, other gp said it did not work, All I know is I worked on me. I am really happy.
I have mild depression since the psychotic episodes.

Also if you don’t have time to a psychologist (which are free under care plan)
Just face you fears, I got mugged 8 years ago and this triggered the episode, I went back to the street where I got mugged at night alone 7 years latter, in other words I faced my fears and the problem went away.

I thought psychologist were a waste of time too, I was wrong about them because first one I saw was useless.

I did not come up with this most of this plan on my own, I went to a super doctor, this guy was super bright with a rough personality, and just told me most of it.
I tailored it to fit my life.

Take care.

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Totally agree,

Its interesting that pointed that out, because I did not feel like being social until after the acupuncture, after that I went out to the local club to talk with old friends that I have not seen in a long time.

In my case the depression lifted then I wanted to be social again.


I’m in a family full of lifeguards. I took the training and passed when I was 16, but crumbled before I got hired. I swim the late night lap swim were my sister works. Surfing… I still like my long board.

I am all about supplementing the meds with therapies, and I go to my therapist at the very least, once every other week.

I honestly believe that I’m on lower doses of meds due to the CBT, and the other therapies and help I’ve gotten.

Glad your doing so well.

I’ve surfed twice and i loved it but i don’t live anywhere near an ocean but if i did i think i would definitely be surfing more. Lucky you guys!!

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I go to acupuncture too. It’s helped tremendously with negative symptoms.

And I have to admit: I was extremely skeptical for the first few sessions. Then I started seeing REAL results. I’m definitely going back soon. It’s the only thing that’s helped my negative symptoms.

I’m glad you’re doing so well!



Is acuptucture covered by medicare?

That right there has greatly peeked my intense interest. I would be willing to work double hard and get over my fear of needles if it would help me get over my wax build-up.

You should definitely give it a try! If your needle phobia is severe, try taking a bit of Xanax before your session.

I hope it works as well for you as it did for me!



Yes in response to you, Accupuncture is covered under medicare in Australia,

I sort of figure if medicare choses to fund it, must have some merit, just a thought.

thanks! i’m in the usa so might be different but i will look into it. thanks for commenting. :slight_smile:

I have just recently learned that the only way to get over my fear and phobias is to confront them.

Fear of needles is something I had too, I just did it, I had some anxiety from the first go, but I go over it. I just don’t look at them putting the needles in.

Maybe what I will do next is actually watch them put the needles in.

Take care

If I had to pay to get it done, I would but only because I know it works on me. It might or might not work on you.

Round 1 of acupuncture worked amazing, beyond belief.
Round 2, about 50% as good as round 1
Round 3, About 25% as good as round 1

You get the idea, so even if you do pay for it, anything after 4 rounds might not deliver a better outcome, so just factor that in mind if you are doing costings.

Just make sure you go to a doctor to get it done, make sure they use disposable needles, make sure they are registered, really look into it.

To Radmedtech

How often do you go for acupuncture?

Does it continuously work?

How man times have you gone? (just a ballpark estimate)

What does it help you with?


I started going to acupuncture as a last ditch effort to treat my negative symptoms.

I went every week for 5 weeks (so 5 times now), and I felt an improvement each time. I would estimate that’s it’s reduced my negative symptoms by 30-40%. A modest improvement, I know. But to me, that’s HUGE.

I would like to keep going every week, but I can’t really afford it. So, for now, I’m just happy with the improvement that it made.

Oh, I almost forgot. The acupuncturist gave me some ginkgo capsules that are also supposed to help with negative symptoms and cognitive improvement. I’ve been taking them for about 2 weeks now, but haven’t yet noticed any change.

Hope this helps.



Sounds like a good change, one that will bring some nice benefits. I believe exercise and good nutrition are important, even if I don’t apply them in my own life. :stuck_out_tongue:

You lost me at acupuncture though, I totally think it’s nonsense. Now don’t take this as any sort of criticism towards you guys, I just don’t believe in it, never will. Psychic energy channels through the body? Nah.

Thanks a lot radmedtech for replying.

I really appreciate your feedback about acupuncture, I take it you don’t live in Australia.

Also, give swisse krill oil professional 1000mg a try. I was taking the ordinary swisse krill oil and in my opinion these were not that great and when I changed over to the professional I felt a huge difference, it take a few weeks to feel the effects.

Worth a shot because fish oil is supposed to help schizophrenia a lot.

Thanks for the tip! I’ll definitely pick some up and give it a try!