Favorite piece of clothing you own

Those are beautiful :heart_eyes_cat:

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A black cotton dress and my H&M cardigan from their coachella line.i literary wear it like ten days in a row.


My zoot suit, a straw hat, and suspenders.

I own a ton of fedoras. I don’t like to wear them too often though because I get paranoid that people think I’m some gangster lol.

I have a black and white stripe sleeveless top with intricate beading around the shoulders.

Also my john fluevog boots. The comfiest outside shoes I own.

But my favourite thing to wear is pyjamas!

My favourite item of clothing is a pink colourful long kaftan. I can wear it out, at home or even as a nightgown in bed. I wear it summer or winter, as with most of my dresses.

I’ve got a dark gray, short sleeved shirt that is kind of low cut, and when I wear it, it’s in the shape of a heart across my chest.

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