Favorite clothes

This is my favorite shirt Donald duck is one of my favorite characters, he’s just too hilarious

What are your guy’s favorite clothing you have?


My favorite outfit is a soft teal lightweight tunic length v-neck sweater, a pair of black leggings, black leather calf height boots, and sterling rosebud earrings. It is soft and comfy but still looks nice.

Whenever you see Donald Duck he is never wearing pants. But when he steps out after taking a shower, he always wraps a towel around his waist.

What’s up with that?


What I like to wear is a gray dress, gold jewelry, and snakeskin ballet flats.

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I mostly wear sweaters and hoodies, idk they just make me feel safe and protected. I used to dress really feminine but I find nowadays it’s not really worth it unless i’ trying to impress someone.

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My favorite outfit I had was a cute black and white floral spaghetti strap top with pink pants and black booties. It was a cute outfit for me but some guy once told me he felt I wasn’t dressed up enough for our date when I wore it :frowning: I felt so sad. It was my go-to “I’m feeling cute” outfit.

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probably my most worn article of clothing is a pair of distressed denim shorts that are rolled up slightly, i wear them year round :heart_eyes:

I wish I could find a site that made quality custom hoodies… I would wear them more often if I could lol

I’ve never dresses to impress personally, but props to you for being able to dress nicely if the occasion arose… I’m horrible at looking nice haha

I like to wear jeans, t shirts (even in winter)
hoodies and baseball style caps.

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I’d like to be able to print custom hoodies too! I’ve bought a few off sites like redbubble but the quality isn’t great and they can be expensive, although at this point I probably don’t need anymore lol I have a huge collection of clothing.

Also… I’m sure you’re cuter then you think you are! The way we see ourselves isn’t the way other people see us, I think as people we’re always our toughest critics.

i always misspell this word, pyjamas? did i get it right?

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my long short sleeved polka dot dress
my purple tie dye skirt and a long sleeved shirt on top
purple scarf tied turban style
flip flops

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I wear only cheap sport suits because they are like pajamas and people don’t make fun of me when I go out with them.

I do have some favorite clothes. One set of them is a long sleeve white shirt and vavy blue woolen vest with a kilt.

I have a lot of favorite clothes that no longer fit me. I am on the way to the goal weight though!

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Same here, soon I’ll have to either get A tighter belt or smaller pants. I’ve lost 20 pounds the past 2 months!

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My two favorite shirts are my Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin band tees.

My favorite jacket is my Wrangler jean jacket. And all my Levis jeans are my faves. :smiley:

Take care, :v:.


I wear Wrangler jean shorts and a T-shirt year 'round.

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